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Bowen Association of Australia

The Association is the organisation for Bowen Technique practitioners, providing professional guidelines and support for Bowen Therapists in Australia, and provides our members with professional recognition as a Registered Bowen Technique practitioner.

It also acts as a voice between the practitioner and the teaching arm of Bowen, which is the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia or with the affiliated Border College of Natural Therapies. It is committed to maintaining the highest standard of education and training of Bowen Technique, and to sponsoring research.

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Bowtech - The Original Bowen Technique

The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia has 90 accredited Instructors. To date courses have been held in over 30 countries. Arguably, the only holistic discipline in the world, the Bowen Technique is revolutionizing the field of health care, where the work is taught and used correctly.

The phenomenal growth and popularity of the Bowen Technique is reflected by the fact that by 2009 over 26,000 practitioners worldwide have taken Bowtech training.

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The Natural Therapy Pages

The Natural Therapy Pages Directory site lists Anne under the Bowen Therapist/Trainer section. This directory has a very large listing of Bowen Therapist's as well as many other Natural Therapies around Australia.

Bowen Training

Bowtech / Bowenwork, the 'Original Bowen Technique' has become the benchmark around the world for this exciting therapy. Bi-annually Bowtech Instructors and practitioners present at international Bowen Conferences around the world!

The Bowen Directory

This Bowen Directory is an International site of Bowen Therapists and Trainers from around the world!


A feature of Bowen Therapy is that it can be carried out directly on the body or through light and loose clothing. Clients or therapists may have prefered approaches and this will be agreed prior to treatment.